Fri, Mar 9th 2012, 08:36

StyleWhipped Interior Design March 07, 2012 Pillow Talk True Story: I once had a dream that I woke up in a room full of the most beautiful pillows all around me. It was my own pillowscape...and I was surrounded by rich colors, elegant fabrics, stunning embelishments, artistic patterns, countless textures, and a multitude of shapes and sizes.... oh my gosh, it was just sensational! I was imersed in luxury and floating around in the most blissful state...you could say I was on cloud nine! (pun intended) It was probably one of my more eccentric dreams, but who wouldn't want to be surrounded by such splendor? Decorative pillows are a must must must! They heighten comfort, warmth, and inspiration to any space and are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add style and modernize any room. You don't have to be "matchy matchy"...just tie the fabrics and colors in to add visual interest. If the color palette and design scheme of your home permits, you can mix it up using florals, stripes and solids. I prefer a modern look and like to layer different fabrics, shapes and sizes. I also like to use an odd number of pillows per area. But those of you who are more traditional prefer the balance and symmetry of pairs. Neither way is wrong, that's where your personal taste comes in. Now back to my dream for a moment...Fast forward a few years and I believe that dream came true! I was fortunate enough to land on cloud nine again, at the NY International Gift Show on a little outing with Stylewhipped's Editor-in-Chief Alison a few weeks ago! It was a booth that left me almost speechless (and if you know me, that's quite rare)...and there they were, just as in my dream...those rich colors, elegant fabrics, stunning embellishments, artistic patterns, countless textures, a multitude of shapes and sizes; I'd walked into the creative masterpieces of Debage...Where old world elegance meets modern day style. I got lost in all the beauty that surrounded me and for a moment forgot I was in a convention center. I had to find out more! Abeer Karzoun, Debage’s designer gets her design inspiration from the great palaces of Europe, the seascapes of the Mediterranean, historic gardens, and the simple and beautiful elements in our daily lives. While their website is currently targeted to the trade, a consumer shopping cart will be added soon. Until then, you can find Debage pillows like this gorgeous handcrafted white rose petal flower on wayfair.com. Their pillows have also been sold at retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, as well as featured flash sales on onekingslane.com, hautelook.com and jossandmain.com. Keep a look out for those flash sales or contact Debage to find out where you can pick up a piece of bliss all for yourself! -Sherin Editor's Note: